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If you’re in need of immediate transportation in Espanola, NM, call Espanola Taxi Service to get you where you need to go. Our team of experienced drivers will be there in the blink of an eye, ready to get you moving. Whether you’re going down the street or across town, our taxi service is the safest, fastest option in the city. Call us today.

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24/7 Service

As a private taxicab service, we have the ability to set our own hours, curfew, and ambitions. Our mission as drivers is to ensure client safety and satisfaction no matter what the situation, so our local taxi service offers transportation around the clock, no questions asked. We operate on a 24/7 basis every day. If you need a ride at 3 in the morning on a Sunday, call us. We’re wide awake and ready to assist you.

Affordable Prices

Espanola Taxi Service keeps our rates low and affordable to our customers. As a local taxi service, one of our highest priorities is keeping our service accessible. We don’t want to see citizens walking to work or school on rainy days or in dangerous areas. Call us today for affordable taxi service you can count on. 

Our Highest Priority Is Your Safety

We don’t provide our taxi service for the money; we do it to keep residents of Rio Arriba County safe while they get where they need to go. Whether you’re going to work, the shopping district, or just down the street, our team wants to ensure that you arrive safely. Call us at any time for transportation—we’re available anytime to provide safe transport for anyone in Espanola, NM. 

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Individual & Small Group Transportation | Pickup & Drop-ff Service | 24/7 Service | Service All Week, Including Weekends | Transportation Anywhere Within Espanola, NM

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If you’re in need of quick transportation, call Espanola Taxi Service. We’re committed to providing Espanola with speedy, safe, reliable transportation, no matter the time, destination, or circumstance. Our taxi service is affordable to benefit every customer, so don’t wait. Call us today at (505) 423-1823 to book your taxicab today. 

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